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Eenmaal in Nederland aangekomen, moet hij of zij zich dan nog verdiepen in de Nederlandse maatschappij» (Kamerstukken II 2002/03, 28 637, nr. Met deze maatregel wordt tevens uitvoering gegeven aan twee Kamermoties.

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“Mae” means the prior time, and “sugi” means immediately after the time. As explained in the page of LESSON-13, the general interrogative to ask about time and date is “itsu”.Ook de Tijdelijke Commissie Onderzoek Integratiebeleid (de Commissie Blok) constateert in haar eindrapport «Bruggen bouwen» (Kamerstukken II 2003–2004, 28 689, nrs.8–9) dat het rendement van de huidige inburgeringscursussen te laag is.Our high-tech boardrooms and vast ballroom are ideal for meetings or gala events and after a busy day you can indulge at Spa Inter Continental or savor a hand-crafted martini at Azure Bar & Lounge.

There’s easy access to the airport from neighbouring Union Station and major attractions like the CN Tower and the Air Canada Centre are only a short stroll away.First, “goro” is often used for date or day of the week, and you can use it for month and year. Joojun = 1st to 10th / Chuujun = 11th to 20th / Gejun = 21th to the end of the month around October 10th = juu-gatsu tooka goro / juu-gatsu tooka goro ni from the beginning of July to the middle of September = shichi-gatsu hajime kara ku-gatsu no nakagoro made until the end of February of 2018 = nisen-juuhachi-nen ni-gatsu gejun made in the second half of 2015 = nisen-juugo-nen no koohan ni When you express the length of time and date, you put a word “no aida” after the word of length or connect the word of length and a suffix “kan”. About the length of time and date, you can use the same words shown in the page of LESSON-26 for hour, minute, second, day and year. But when you use it as length, it is read as “ichi-nichi”. You must request the answer of time, day, week, month or year.